suggestions for all-in-one

Brett Rasmussen brett.rasmussen at
Fri Feb 3 09:35:13 MST 2012

All, thanks much for your suggestions.

I don't use or research printers very often, so I don't really know the
whole state of affairs.  Hence a couple of what might seem obvious

It seems to be my experience that people with inkjet printers are always
buying new cartridges, and that laser printers are more expensive per
cartridge but they last a lot longer.

Also, laser printers seem to pump out a lot more pages per minute than

Are these assumptions still true?

And has anyone used HP's ePrint thing? Does it play nicely w/linux?

Dale's got a Brother all-in-one that's inkjet, and Henry's dad has a
Brother laser printer, both of which work well wirelessly, so it seems a
Brother that combines the two would likely work just fine.  Anyone else
have any specific models (HP or Brother or whatever) that they've just
loved and think I should look into?

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