Tomax 411?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Thu Feb 2 14:02:45 MST 2012

On 01 Feb 2012, at 14:50, Robert Merrill wrote:

> Glassdoor is a problem because the only people who post there have an
> axe to grind.
>> We've had this discussion before.  The consensus opinion at the time
>> was that it opens a whole can of legal liability worms.
> So, you guys are smart. What if you develop a scoring system for
> companies akin to "The Joel Test"

Facebook is hosting billions of opinions about everyone and everything.  Then again, we are not Facebook.  Personal blogs are all opinions.  I say, build it and ask forgiveness later, if needed.  If you make a tool available and users populate it, perhaps there are no legality problems?

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