suggestions for all-in-one

Brett Rasmussen brett.rasmussen at
Wed Feb 1 14:21:24 MST 2012

I'm wanting to buy a wireless laser printer-scanner-copier that works with
no headaches in linux (currently running ubuntu w/kde).  I'm in a new
place, and the all-in-one pretty much has to be in a storage closet where I
can't run a cable (or at least really, really don't want to), so wireless
printing and scanning are musts.  I'm thinking about the Brother MFC-7860DW
which gets good reviews on Amazon, but I don't know how the linux support

Here are my two questions for you guys:
  a) Does anyone have any experience with the Brother MFC-7860DW and does
it work well wirelessly w/linux?
  b) Does anyone have any experience with any other wireless laser
all-in-one that has worked well for them with linux?


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