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Wed Feb 1 09:12:47 MST 2012

I'm not a lawyer either.
I'm not at all worried about being sued.

I have been involved in a lawsuit or two.
There are two kinds of lawsuits
a) injunction - this is where a judge says you must do something -
stop what you're e.g. shutdown this website - or do this - e.g. hire
more minorities
b) damages - this is where you are ordered to paid money - e.g. you
caused an accident which caused injury, so you're ordered to paid this
much money.

Doctors usually fall into category b, for example.  Rarely are they
ever given any kind of injunction to cease practicing.

People get sued for two reasons.
1) money - they have it.
2) someone thinks that by going to court and convincing a judge and/or
jury that the actions of another are unfair and unjust, he/she will be
better off if the judge make them stop doing something or start doing

PLUG has no money.  The only thing we'd have to worry about is an injunction.
If someone decides to get a court injunction to shut down part of the
website, then so be it.

If someone is really mad about this, first he/she would first send a
"cease and desist" letter.  This means almost nothing.  See the movie
the "The Social Network."
I once sent one, because someone was violating our copyright.  The
offending party didn't care and simply said, go get a court injunction
- which costs a lot of money.
In the end, we did nothing.

This our case, if someone wanted to take us to court, we wouldn't even
have to show up.  Of course, if we didn't show up, we'd lose and have
to remove it, but other than that they really is no risk.

I doubt anyone would bother to do anything.  There is a precedence for
rating everything out there, from books, to restaurants, to college
professors to yes even employers.

Someone would have a hard time convincing a judge that a private
non-profit group can't share information among themselves using
whatever media they want.

On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 1:59 AM, S. Dale Morrey <sdalemorrey at> wrote:
>>> Anyone interested?
>> I am.
>> --
>> Alan Young
> We've had this discussion before.  The consensus opinion at the time
> was that it opens a whole can of legal liability worms.  Any sort of
> black list does and I'm not sure why glassdoor hasn't seen some
> liability from it.  OTOH employers might be smart enough to want to
> avoid the Streisand effect from trying to sue a site like that, I just
> don't know.
> Oh by the way, I'm not a lawyer.
> One thing we have never discussed that I'm aware of is a "Best of"
> list, where you can nominate your employer for Best of PLUG or
> whatever and explain why you think they deserve it.  Then people could
> thumb it up or down, with thumbs down obviously being an indicator to
> stay away.
> There is absolutely no reason I can see that nominating an employer
> for "best of" and explaining that you feel they should be nominated
> based on their poor management and slave like working conditions,
> thereby making them, Best of China or something along those lines.  As
> long as it's "Best of", and not a black list I think it would be
> alright.  By the way did I mention I'm not a lawyer?
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