Tomax 411?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Wed Feb 1 01:59:27 MST 2012

>> Anyone interested?
> I am.
> --
> Alan Young

We've had this discussion before.  The consensus opinion at the time
was that it opens a whole can of legal liability worms.  Any sort of
black list does and I'm not sure why glassdoor hasn't seen some
liability from it.  OTOH employers might be smart enough to want to
avoid the Streisand effect from trying to sue a site like that, I just
don't know.
Oh by the way, I'm not a lawyer.

One thing we have never discussed that I'm aware of is a "Best of"
list, where you can nominate your employer for Best of PLUG or
whatever and explain why you think they deserve it.  Then people could
thumb it up or down, with thumbs down obviously being an indicator to
stay away.

There is absolutely no reason I can see that nominating an employer
for "best of" and explaining that you feel they should be nominated
based on their poor management and slave like working conditions,
thereby making them, Best of China or something along those lines.  As
long as it's "Best of", and not a black list I think it would be
alright.  By the way did I mention I'm not a lawyer?

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