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Daniel Fussell dfussell at
Wed Aug 29 17:33:30 MDT 2012

On 08/29/2012 02:10 PM, Ryan Moore wrote:
> I have been looking to move from media production to web development and
> studying hard on my own to get my skills up to the point where I can move
> jobs. I'm starting to get leads. An opportunity from the company Software
> Technology Group is starting to look like an offer and I'm considering
> taking a job there. Does anyone have any experience working with them? As
> far as I understand, their business model is to employ developers full time
> and then farm them out to clients. Any cautionary tales or advice about
> working for this kind of a consulting firm? I hope sending out feelers like
> this is kosher for the list. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I have a friend that is contracted out through them as a web 
designer/CSS guy.  The first contract he had only the vaguest of ideas 
about what they wanted to do with a re-facing project.  The people he 
worked directly with had no direct impact on the company's bottom line, 
and their compensation wasn't exactly based on personal performance.  
Since there was no drive to make decisions on the company and personnel 
side, he didn't really end up with anything to do, and he got really bored.

His next contract through STG was at a company without the 
drive/decision making problems, but came with a good deal of politics.  
Another person I know of that worked directly for the same company had 
the same complaint about politics.  He didn't really like it, but his 
contract was renewed and it seems like he's a little more happy with it.

So long story short (too late), it seems that your experience will 
likely be determined more based on the company you are assigned to work 
with, than with STG itself.  I have heard that when you are between 
contracts, you are put on "the workbench", and you pick a skill you 
would like to develop while they find another contract for you.  So at 
the very least, I have to admire that they are keeping people improving 
their trade while still keeping them employed.

;-Daniel Fussell

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