Love or Hate Gnome 3 - was Re: Any experience with firewalld?

Levi Pearson levipearson at
Tue Aug 28 15:57:48 MDT 2012

On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 3:39 PM, Daniel Fussell <dfussell at> wrote:

> > If a friendly user interface is the reason you took the time to learn
> > Linux, I'm afraid you might have been the one huffing the paint.  If
> you're
> > referring to something else, I can't see how KDE4 and Gnome could
> possibly
> > have made any difference.  You never had to use them, after all.
> >
> >         --Levi
> Not friendly, but capable, fast, light, powerful, crash-resistant, and
> seriously customizable.  "Phenomenal cosmic powers, itty-bitty living
> space."  And they didn't hide the terminal.
> But now they are bloated, hamstrung, buggy, and pretty (to some).
> It seems like the big proprietaries decided couldn't keep Linux off
> their tail, so they drove off a cliff thinking it would take out the
> major Linux desktops as well.  Sadly, they were right.
This is just a bunch of baseless hyperbole. Linux, at its core, is faster,
more scalable, more powerful, and more crash-resistant than it was ever
before.  It can be installed on more devices, from microcontrollers to
supercomputers.  You can still run any window manager you like, from twm to
gnome-shell or xmonad.  There are more distributions with more
customizability than ever, and more interoperability with other systems.
 Your primary complaint seems to be not a lack of customizability, but the
fact that you are obliged to spend a small amount of time customizing a new
install to suit your preferences.  This strikes me as both incredibly lazy
and entitled, and also forgetful of the amount of time it used to take to
get a Linux system usable at all.  There are still places where getting a
Linux box to work right in some situations is way more difficult than it
should be, but they are getting to be few enough that people for some
reason see fit to complain about having to do anything more than clicking a
few boxes in some GUI windows that must be *exactly* where they used to be!

I'm afraid you are the one whose nature has fundamentally changed, not
Linux.  You'll probably be happier if you accept that and step off the
upgrade treadmill.  Fortunately, Linux will accomodate you in that!


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