Love or Hate Gnome 3 - was Re: Any experience with firewalld?

John D Jones III unixgeek1972 at
Tue Aug 28 15:02:31 MDT 2012

On 08/28/2012 02:40 PM, Daniel Fussell wrote:
> I saw gnome-classic in the debian repos the other day, and thought was
> thrilled that someone in a user-driven distro was finally paying
> attention.  Oh wait, no, it's just Gnome-3 painted to look like Gnome
> 2.  Still the same lame desktop experience.
> XFCE seemed a little better, but still kind of a kludge.  KDE Trinity is
> looking better and better all the time, and I may switch back to it when
> I finally give up all hope that KDE devs will stop innovating and start
> fixing what should work.  Dolphin would be particularly hard to give up
> on now.
> ;-Daniel Fussell
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I HATE GNOME 3, the UI/UX just blows. I've never been a GNOME fan really 
in anyway, I started as a KDE user, I was let down with KDE 4.0, but by 
4.2.0 KDE had won me back, aside from it's 47 Terrabytes of space 
requirements. But 4.8.0, they broke something, it started eating 6gigs 
of RAM on my brand new workstation. So, I switched to Cinnamon, which is 
an option for Linux Mint, and I really liked it, and it was pretty 
stable overall, but the dev cycle between the base libs and the main 
package was inconsistent, muffin would get an upgrade, but cinnamon 
wouldn't and cinnamon wouldn't build with the new muffin update, found 
myself waiting for 2-10 days for the update, or vice versa, now alot of 
this was pkg maintainer issue but there was plenty of times when the git 
repo for one was updated and the others weren't resulting in broken 
builds, so I finally gave up on Cinnamon. It was sad, because it was 
still GNOME 3, but the overall shell was so much better, easy to tweek 
using GJS (A Javascript package that included GTK wrappers, GLib, etc). 
I just couldn't look past the pkg breaking everytime I yaourt -Syyua 'd 
the system. I discovered MATE, which is the Gnome 2 fork... Very clean, 
lightweight and very stable, so i've switched to it 100% and haven't 
looked back... Obviously, I still feel a little dirty running it, since 
it's GNOME 2, but it's so much better than that crap they call GNOME 3. 
Once Cinnamon goes to Community from AUR I'll likely install it and play 
with it again, but I don't see that happening for another couple years.
John D Jones III
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