Embedded developer, what constitutes entry level?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 14:52:07 MDT 2012

Hi Pluggers,

Recently I was contacted by a medical device company who is looking to
hire.  They wanted some feedback on why their job ad wasn't generating
any results.
The ad states that they want an "Entry Level" embedded developer with
over 2 years experience.
My personal opinion is that you get 2 years of experience doing
anything and you're no longer entry level.
To my mind, entry level means you have less than 1 year experience.
On the other hand I'm wondering if maybe things are different in the
embedded world.

Would you still consider yourself Entry Level if you had done
something for 2 years, or would that be more along the lines of
Also what are the current salary expectations of an embedded developer
with 2 years experience?  50 - 70k or 80 - 90k, maybe higher?

Anyways thoughts and feedback would be helpful here, I'm trying to
give the best advice I can to this client, recruiting isn't really my
specialty but they are small and need help building an ad that will
attract the talent they want.


Oh by the way if anyone is looking to do embedded let me know and I'll
get you in front of them.

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