Any experience with firewalld?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Aug 27 19:29:58 MDT 2012

When I installed Fedora 17 I noticed it installed a daemon called
firewalld.  Unfortunately any GUI to monitor and control the thing isn't
ready yet.  And I couldn't figure out the command-line part, so I
ditched it.

Have any of you messed with it much?

Part of me is having a real hard time with the Windows-ification of
Linux in modern distros.  It's like distro developers can't fathom the
idea that I might still need to ssh into my machine (not a server) and
do things on it without being logged into the GUI console.

I can see how firewalld could be useful of course.  Just not sure about
the execution.

In other good news, though, Fedora 18 will support the Mate Desktop
packages in the main repos so no more having to use third-party repos
just to get a functioning desktop!  Yay.  Long live Gnome 2.

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