Money management software

Robert Merrill robertmerrill at
Wed Aug 22 20:38:52 MDT 2012

I use as an easy way to check status across several accounts and enter transactions on the run via mobile apps and quickly view historical snapshots/trends. Their sync w the bank isn't perfect, but way better than most. 

Categories are fixed which is lame but you can add sub categories and tags to transactions. Also, cash tracking is limited at best. They don't think people use cash any more (try it, you might like it).

Budgeting is reactive not proactive so it doesn't work well other than documenting what you did-done do (vs what you might-could do)

My household is a Dave Ramsey house  so I use "Gazelle budget" to manage my budget plan, which works great. 

Then, I match the budgets in mint to the budgets in Gazelle and it tells me how I'm doing along the way. 

Meh, it works for me. 

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