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Richard Esplin richard-lists at
Wed Aug 22 17:05:53 MDT 2012

On Wednesday August 22 2012 16:28:21 Chris Wood <chris at> wrote:
> has an awesome tool from a usage stand point.  The
> software runs on your local machine, but you can sync your data via dropbox
> to other machines.  You can also set it up on your phone for entry of
> receipts.  All can be live and do entry at the same time.  I've become a
> huge fan quickly even with its weaknesses.  (I had to write a CVS converter
> for Zionsbank data download to work well with YNAB.)  If you're serious
> about budgeting and hate every other tool out there, this may be nirvana.
> YNAB allows you to do things that the other tools don't do.  My biggest
> complaint about the way most budgeting tools out there is that it just
> shows you what happened after the fact.  It doesn't let you plan for the
> next month and say what the budget should be.  Also, the biggest issue is
> that if you have saving goals they don't handle it well.  If you wanted to
> save money for a new car and for a vacation AND save the money in the same
> actual bank account, it gets messy.  I think it was Yodlee or Mint that
> said to go create a separate bank account for every savings goal.  YNAB
> handles all of this correctly.

Excellent information.

I didn't include You Need a Budget because I didn't see any support for Linux. I see now that it is an Adobe Air app. With Adobe dropping Air for Linux, what is your long term plan?



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