Roundcube webmail anyone?

John D Jones III unixgeek1972 at
Tue Aug 21 10:56:49 MDT 2012

On 08/21/2012 02:15 AM, Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> Plug,
> Does anyone here run Roundcube for webmail? It's been a while since
> I've needed anything like that, but I'm considering a project based on
> it.
> An initial look gives us reason to be hopeful. It has a clean
> interface, a skinning guide, B.Y.O. SMTP and IMAP (more needs to be
> learned there), it's updated regularly, license is acceptable (GPL3
> works in this case), has "hooks" for most of what we need, and most of
> all, it feels lighter weight than the alternatives.
> Do you love it? Hate it? Recommend anything else?
> Thanks,
> Gabe
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     I use Roundcube on my Bluehost account for everyone in my family, 
even some of the most computer illiterate members of my family are able 
to use it without much grief. The icons are a little misleading when 
Composing an email, I routinely click the discard button, thinking it's 
the Send button, but otherwise, it's lightweight, it's sexy and easy to 
use, configure, and extremely easy to install and setup.
     No crappy fluff and an up to date interface; I fully recommend it, 
just watch out when sending a message, lol. It will warn you "ARE YOU 
SURE YOU WANT TO DISCARD THIS!!???" so you don't lose your well composed 
email message, which is a pretty major plus to me as well. My only other 
bag with it is it's written in PHP, but every program has it's weak 
points ;-)

John D Jones III
Perl/Javascript Zealot
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