[OT] Closed Source software and Windows XP

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at gundy.org
Mon Aug 20 00:18:57 MDT 2012


I understand there are times when the you have no other option than
running closed source software. Fortunately for me, that's rarely ever
the case. Unfortunately for a client of mine, that has ever been the

They have software that controls some manufacturing equipment. Well,
that software only runs on Windows XP. The company that makes it has
updated it over the years to work on Windows 7, but updating would
require my client to redo thousands of job files and buy new hardware
that supports the new software. Another reason to not upgrade is that
it's now all mouse driven and not keyboard-based --talk about slow!
At the end of the day, it would cost them 20 thousands of dollars (or
more) to update. The funny thing is, they don't even *want* to update.
What they had, worked perfectly well for them and was fully paid for.
The only problem was a hardware failure that makes the OEM version of
Windows (that they were running) no longer an option.

So, I need to find a way for them to buy a copy of Windows XP with the
latest available services packs on the ISO. I don't know if you can
resell it or it has to come from an official channel, but if anyone
knows where they can purchase a fully licensed copy of Windows XP, I'd
love to hear your ideas. I'm asking here because local would be best
(no time to wait for shipping).

BTW, this is not attached to a network and the inputs (USB, CD, etc)
are not exposed to the operator, so security and ongoing support are
not really issues.


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