[OT] Wrist Brace recommendations?

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Fri Aug 17 12:50:14 MDT 2012

Get a different keyboard. Regular, and even "ergonomic" keyboards
force you to bend your wrists in unnatural ways, which compresses the
tendons inside your wrist joint. I use a Kinesis Advantage. It
eliminates any wrist bending, allowing you to keep them perfectly
straight and relaxed. I've used a Kinesis for over 10 years, and will
not go back--it's really that comfortable.

Also, Dvorak or Colemak--more efficient layouts--significantly reduce
the amount of finger travel required to produce the same output. I can
feel a difference between qwerty and dvorak in a matter of minutes.
Kinesis has Dvorak built-in, so you can switch independent of the
OS/terminal/X, and even use Dvorak when in the bios. (You can buy the
"cheaper" model and manually upgrade w/a $0.25 IC part if necessary.)

Another advantage to the Kinesis keyboard is its narrow width. It
allows for the mouse to be that much closer to you so you don't have
to travel your hand/arm nearly as much to switch between them.

You can probably get your employer to pay for it. Or watch ebay and
get lucky getting one cheaper than new. (New they are pricey.)

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