call center equipment

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Thu Aug 9 11:48:33 MDT 2012

I built a small voip call center for a friend. His business plan
didn't work, so the equipment is up for sale.
I believe there are:

9x polycom 320/321 (can't remember which) PoE voip phones
9x windows xp workstations (512MB-1GB ram each)
1x 24-port gigabit PoE switch (extreme networks summit 300-24 L2/L3 managed)
1x walmart-special pc used as sip-ecs voip server
1x ancient pc running linux as a firewall I can throw in

11x cubicle stations
All is located in Orem near walgreens. (~800 S Orem Blvd/courtesy way).

Make an offer on all or some of it. (off list of course)


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