cloning running linux machine through network, strategy and tactics

Ryan Byrd ryanbyrd at
Tue Aug 7 14:49:36 MDT 2012

Linux Friends:

Picture this: a "friend of mine" just set up a redhat linux machine running
a website with apache/php/etc. It took a long time to get everything just

Goal: He'd like so-called clone this live-running machine's files to a new
freshly installed clean redhat linux machine so he doesn't have to repeat
the effort. He wants two webservers all set up whereas he has only one

He's imagining something like this:

[root at CurrentlyRunningServer ~]$ rsync -ave ssh --delete /* root at NewServer:/

Then he'd just set up the new ip addresses on the new server, and WHAMMO!
web server #2.

Good idea? bad idea? something better?


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