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Sasha Pachev sasha at
Mon Aug 6 16:42:42 MDT 2012

> Do you think we can modify this so that I have to do push-ups before my
> computer will unlock?

Actually this is doable. Get a force plate, write a custom driver for
it that recognizes the push-up force pattern.

It would be even possible to make it so that you have to go for a run
before you computer unlocks. You will have to run with a smart phone -
we read the GPS + accelerometer. And we can even check to see if this
was actually a run, not a bike ride or a car ride - accelerometer is
going to read something very different if you did not run.

An elementary school kid could possibly figure out a way to hack
around things, but if he does, it proves that he knows how to spell
when it matters. All shell commands and programming language keywords
have to be spelled perfectly, or it will not work.

That said, I think spelling lists are a less effective way to teach a
child to spell. We home school, never bothered with those, our kids
spell fine by the age of 12. I also had to learn to spell in English
relying on my own efforts ( at a more advanced age), and never used
the lists. I just read a lot, and when I wrote I made sure I was sure
that I was spelling it right or else I would check the dictionary. My
spelling ended up being good enough to not offend O'Reilly, so I
figure my efforts were mostly successful at least for my purposes.

I think it is better to just have the kid write about something he is
interested in, and check it afterwards not only for spelling but also
for grammar, depth and proper use of vocabulary, and coherency. In
other words, if something he wrote bothers you when you read it, point
it out, and show him a better way.

Sasha Pachev

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