Who's the new WRT on the block?

Rich Li richli.ff at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 14:42:43 MDT 2012

On 08/03/2012 12:12 PM, AJ ONeal wrote:
> Since the last time I bought a WRT54G-TM it's dropped from $60 to an
> average closer to $30.
> So who's the new kid on the block? Why is this beast no longer in demand?

The venerable WRT54G series, while good, lacks more modern features such
as 802.11n, the 5 GHz band, USB ports, and so on. Also, it's a little
weak. Check out this [1] chart showing WAN-to-LAN throughput. The
WRT54GL is near the bottom at 53 Mbps. There are many other metrics on
that site you can sort by, too.

I think a great strength of the WRT54G series was the third-party
firmware available. Networking performance-wise, it was good for its
time but not compared to the newer hardware nowadays.

> The last time I checked the only router that has anything near the specs
> that the WRT54G-TM has is the ASUS RT-N16 (which has about 2x the specs for
> $90).

I've done a bunch of research lately since I wanted to replace my
WRT54GL. I settled on the ASUS RT-N16 which in many ways is the
successor to the WRT54G. Third-party firmware runs on it nicely (I'm
using the Shibby TomatoUSB mod) and it's 802.11n and has two USB 2.0
ports. The only downside is it doesn't use the 5 GHz band.

I've got some optware running on it (git and rsync for now) but need to
figure out how to package stuff that isn't available (mainly unison). I
just got it this week and am enjoying it so far.

[1] http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/lanwan/router-charts/bar/74-wan-to-lan


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