Wifi routers dropping [was Re: Who's the new WRT on the block?]

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Fri Aug 3 12:44:03 MDT 2012

Are existing wifi clients able to continue sending traffic?
It's possible your dhcpd is crashing or thinks it ran out of addresses
Wireshark may help you there.

If they can't associate to the AP, that's a different problem entirely.
If they can't even see the AP anymore, it's possible the wireless
driver has bugs.
Some of the older N routers had wireless chips that ran very hot and
would stop working (early Atheros).
Also, many of the early wireless chipset drivers were buggy and would
stop working over time all by themselves.

Is it running linux? Can you get a shell on it to diagnose things?

If it is running linux, the kernel won't ever be jammed with too much
data. Any of these little router boxes these days is plenty fast
enough to saturate its network ports w/o maxing out the cpu. (unless
you've got some crazy netfilter stuff going on w/heavy inspection

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