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AJ ONeal coolaj86 at
Wed Apr 25 17:24:27 MDT 2012

I previously posted this on some of the other lists, but we're still
looking for great people to bring onboard.

We're a growing tech startup in Orem - in the old Word Perfect complex with
other fun companies, but no foosball (sorry) - and we're looking to hire
the top minds in Utah for multiple full-time positions with excellent
salary and benefits (we try to stay well above the average on all accounts,
but ask if interested in the specifics).

Our core product and primary focus is the world's first Compact Tracking
Radar (not the large spinning blip-blip kind), affectionately known as "The
Spotter". It's the size of a small lunch box and tracks in real-time, which
we primary sell in military / gov't markets.

The success of and need for our product has put us in the unique but
challenging position to bring government and military customers into the
21st century of technology, design, and usability (and that *is* a
challenge). For example, we use an HTML5 interface for our tracking system
and it only works in real browsers (not MSIE).  (I've shown it to many of
you at group meetings).

If you love technology, want to work in a friendly environment, and have a
budding (or deep) interest in a mix of the areas below, or you just have a
good feeling about it, please get in touch with me.

Embedded Developer

* Linux, Arduino
* Raspberry Pi
* C
* Soldering

Web Designer
* Adobe Suite
* CSS3

Application Developer
* Application language (i.e. NodeJS, Ruby, Python)
* Systems language (i.e Golang, D, C)
* Problem solving skills

Algorithm Developer
* Radar, Sonar, etc
* Game Design
* Artificial Intelligence
* Machine learning
* R, MatLab

Here are some projects that have sprung out of (both
on and off the clock):

* Foobar3000 - The worlds most advanced (and convenient) echo server
* Dropshare - Simple file-sharing that gets past (government) e-mail filters
* Mildoc - Pretty documentation for the rest of us
* Tolmey - GPS Geotranslation in JavaScript
* Appr - Application Distribution (think App Store)

AJ ONeal

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