Webdev: the times, they are a changin'

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 08:26:36 MDT 2012

On 04/19/2012 07:59 AM, Stuart Jansen wrote:
> On Thu, 2012-04-19 at 07:16 -0600, Dave Smith wrote:
>> On Apr 19, 2012, at 4:22 AM, Stuart Jansen wrote:
>>> Sounds like you're trying to cut across the grain.
>> Oh, and I find that cutting meat across the grain is best:
> You make an interesting point. I think we've had a cultural shift.
> Developers used to compare themselves to wood workers, now we're 
> more likely to compare ourselves to chefs and rock stars.
> Or is it just me? Is this a tend or an anomaly?

I've always found a correlation between good developers and other
seemingly unrelated genres.  Some developers are really good mechanics.
 Others are great chefs.  Others are musical or artistic.  Or into
bicycles.  Or in one case, athletic!  Signs of well-rounded developers I

I bet there is at least one rock star on this list!  Anyone in a band?

In the meat department, it's always struck me as odd that most
professional restaurant chefs don't seem to know how to slice beef.

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