Webdev: the times, they are a changin'

Jason Van Patten jason at infogenix.com
Wed Apr 18 10:48:50 MDT 2012

On 4/18/2012 10:27 AM, Barry Roberts wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 8:40 PM, Tod Hansmann<plug.org at todandlorna.com>wrote:
>> PLUG peeps,
>> The problem: Web dev sucks.
> All development sucks.  I'm ok with that because it means I get paid well
> to warp my brain to the point where I can do it (arguably well).
I think web development suffers from a larger number of relevant people 
asking for features who don't understand programming.

For example i launch a full platform game and the community says we want 
lasers. I create laser and users say "yay pew pew".

I build a website for a domestic made car dealer. The site owner says i 
want the site to find buyers for my cars. I build a spider to surf blogs 
for people complaining about their car and instead of "yay" i get WTF 
(what the function) did you build that for? I can't afford that. You 
were supposed to go to the mythical repository that exists in the cloud 
that reads peoples minds. Look it's right here on facebook. <Hands over 
link for mazda.com>.
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