Webdev: the times, they are a changin'

Jason Van Patten jason at infogenix.com
Wed Apr 18 10:05:16 MDT 2012

On 4/18/2012 9:49 AM, John D Jones III wrote:
> On 04/18/2012 09:43 AM, Stephen M. McQuay wrote:
>> I echo Gabe's sentiment almost verbatim:
>> 1) Django is the right answer
> Quite personally, I would rather be set on fire than have to work with
> Django OR PHP. Whitespace should never EVER be cause for a fatal error
> in a web app, and both are guilty of this.
While i personally dislike php and python in general makes me feel 
claustrophobic, no language is perfect. The white space issues with 
python, by some, is considered a feature because the idea behind python 
is to enforce coding standards. In this case it forces writers to make 
neat code. As for setting your self on fire you might want to settle for 
minor lighter burns because despite php's litany of flaws elitism tends 
to only hurt the elitists.

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