Webdev: the times, they are a changin'

Stephen M. McQuay stephen at mcquay.me
Wed Apr 18 09:43:06 MDT 2012

I echo Gabe's sentiment almost verbatim:

1) Django is the right answer
    - an aside: I'm more interested in flask than the alternatives already discussed

2) make sure whatever you use (perl/python/java) find a good framework.
   If you're wasting time reinventing the wheel, you're wasting time.

3) webdev is so much better than it was X years ago (for me X is 5)

4) Django docs are awesome and I have yet in my (admittedly short, since
   1.1-ish) time with Django had issue with feature deprecation.

5) You have to put time in to use something that makes your life easier.
   It's easier to `cp -R` backup your source than it is to learn git/hg,
   but I ain't going back any time soon :)

Stephen M. McQuay

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