Network Traffic Visualization

MT Morales uugplug at
Fri Apr 6 13:08:33 MDT 2012

I use :

Netscout PM for Flows (flow analyzer)
Netscout's Infinistream (packet collector and analyzer)
CA/NetQoS' reporter Analyzer (Flow analyzer)
CA/NetQoS' SuperAgent (packet capturing and high level analyzer)
OPNET Transaction Xpert (high level packet analyzer and performance
diagnosis, turn count. Agent based collector)

Some of their features overlap they are all good in some things. You will
find that OPNET, Netscout and NetQoS hold the biggest market share in
packet analysis and network performance tools. The challenge is usually
with learning and getting used to their interfaces, as most of them are not
intuitive at all.
OPNET is great at simulating and predicting performance as well as quick
diagnosing. High level analysis and visualizations
NetQoS is great at trending and generating reports, some good high level
Netscout is good at trending and generating complex reports; deep packet
analysis, some visualizations.


On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 12:21 AM, Daniel C. <dcrookston at> wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 4:28 PM, MT Morales <uugplug at> wrote:
> > Netflow data (only available on big rourters/switches) is a great way to
> > monitor traffic patterns by interface, ip address, application protocol,
> > QOS, etc. Most tools out there are proprietary and really expensive. I'm
> > not sure if NTOP (free) has gotten any better yet. At my work I use
> Netflow
> > analysis tools to troubleshoot network issues, such as bottlenecks,
> > bandwidth hoggers, attacks, etc. on a daily basis.
> What tools do you use?  What do you like about them, and (other than
> their price) where could they be improved?
> I'm putting together everything I've got so far in order to come up
> with a few key areas we can focus on for the visualization.  I'll send
> it out when it's ready (sometime next week most likely) for feedback.
> Right now it looks like the big areas are comparing historic traffic
> data (or various types) with current traffic in order to more easily
> spot changes.
> -Dan
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