Newline in Filename

Jessie Adan Morris jessie at
Fri Sep 23 14:47:19 MDT 2011

Hey all,

I am trying to read some data from a Mac Time Machine Backup 
which I have. The place where the data is stored is '/media/Time 
Machine Backups/.HFS+ Private Directory Data^M'. That ^M is a 
return character (\r). This really jacks up my terminal session and 
makes it difficult to use. I cannot rename this file, however (HFS+ 
filesystem is read only). I am copying everything off of the HFS 
drive onto another (ext4) drive so that I can rename that directory. 
Is there any way to get bash to ignore it? Is there a better way to 
do this?
Jessie Adan Morris
jessie at
(801) 210-1526

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