[ANN] Foobar3000 - The World's Most Advanced Echo Server

AJ ONeal coolaj86 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 22:57:54 MDT 2011

For UTOS Project Day I worked on Foobar3000. I hope y'all find it useful.

Forward: I'd appreciate it if someone would fork and add a stylesheet. I'd
love feedback and patches for useful features.

Note: I plan to move index.html to markdown and use Jekyll or something.

   - Tired of examples asking you *to **ping example.com**?

   - Wish that you could *test* your *cross-domain *requests without buying
   a *second domain?*

   - Need to show up that *tech support* guy in India by proving that the
   right* ports on your firewall* are in fact open*?

   - Are you that *tech support* guy that needs to know whether or not the
   end-user's firewall is allowing *your application's packets*?

*Foobar3000 to the rescue!*

Finally a test server *dedicated for testing*.
Use this in your tech support, tutorials, classrooms, demos, etc.


AJ ONeal

P.S. It's on a dedicated VPS marked for production use (albeit a simple
128mb chunk). Development is done elsewhere, so it should always be up.

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