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On 09/15/2011 03:49 PM, Bryan Sant wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 12:30 PM, S. Dale Morrey<sdalemorrey at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Hey does anyone here work for FamilySearch, or at least know how to
>> correct a record in family search?  It's got my grandmothers maiden
>> name totally misspelled.
>> *If your family tree looks more like a bush, good chance you're from Utah*
> If your grandmother is alive, then only she can have her records
> changed.  Even if she isn't alive, you'll have to wait until she
> (would be) 110 years old before you can submit a disputation through
> FamilySearch.  Otherwise, you'll have to contact Church Membership
> directly to meet with someone and have it fixed.  I'm not aware of an
> easier process.
> -Bryan
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I've come across several instances where last names are misspelled names 
for the same person on this site, it seems to have to do with the source 
of the offensive record. There's even one case where the Census taker 
misspelled an ancestor's Swedish last name from Jehnzen to Yehuzen... 
how that worked out, I'm still scratching my head over, luckily I found 
a distant cousin in Sweden who has also been working the tree who has 
correlated my theories. I believe that Family Search will likely leave 
the record as is, as submitted for historical purposes, as someone using 
the website AND looking at microfilms would be more likely to become 
confused or lost, but the corrections made at the website end. Unless 
you have physical copies of the record that shows the typographical 
error as found on the website, it'll probably just stay put. Yayy for 
genealogic puzzles!!! :) Thanks to discovering the mis written error of 
the census taker in 1840, and more research, we were able to trace back 
to 1615 on that line. \m/

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