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S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Wed Sep 14 11:49:51 MDT 2011

On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 11:05 AM, Eric Olsen <falconv at> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 10:59 AM, Ryan Simpkins <plug at>wrote:
>> Why can't they say "Must be a member of
>> the LDS church in good standing and meet additional stringent personal
>> religious requirements."
>> Is the goal to somehow protect the recruiter's organization? Anyone know?
>> -Ryan
> I'm unable to get to the LDS jobs website right now to confirm, but I seem
> to recall the requirement to be a good-standing LDS member with a current
> temple recommend in the job listing.
> -Eric seems to work fine here.

What Eric is saying is true for most but not all jobs with the church.
 However in this economy, don't be surprised if they tend to favor a
Mormon over a non-Mormon candidate if it happens to be one of those
that doesn't require a temple recommend.

In the case of the job being posted, assuming I am correct and they
are either still trying to find my replacement or replace whoever it
was that came in after me (I worked there about 2 years ago but they
had implemented a hiring freeze that year so they may not have gotten
around to looking until now, it was posted on the two year anniversary
of my departure so who knows.)

If this is the same job I held which considering the description odds
are it is. You are working in the department responsible for
monitoring all of the church's many thousands of computers.  These
computers support the overall mission of the church.  So yeah a temple
recommend would sorta be required on this one guys.

Again assuming it's the same job, it's a very good job, especially if
you are a proficient coder in C and like wearing a suit and tie.  I
can't disclose much about it, but I do want to say that the pay was
exceptional for Utah and the benefits really can't be beat.  The
working environment is full of great people who are all competent at
what they do, and you will be challenged daily.  For me it helped to
re-launch my career, upon leaving I joined a project with a company in
Arizona and then was quickly whisked away by HP, all starting with
this one job.  This is an excellent way to get started in enterprise
level coding.

I can't give it any stronger recommendation other than that; frankly
I'd apply for it myself, but I'm currently a little word of wisdom
challenged ;)

My advice though is to apply for this one through Tek Systems.  I am
still under NDA so I can't really disclose anything about the inner
workings of the place (not that I would anyways).  But trust me if you
want the job you really do need to go through Tek Systems, not the
church website.

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