BSD faster than Linux for 3D gaming?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Sep 8 20:52:35 MDT 2011

On 09/08/2011 03:03 PM, Paul Seamons wrote:
>> So this isn't just a juvenile OS contest.  This is an observation that
>> FreeBSD can run some *Linux* FPS games faster than Linux can.  That is
>> indeed interesting and newsworthy.  Unlike Linux, Wine, and Windows
>> programs, what we're talking about here is the running of native Linux
>> apps on the FreeBSD kernel directly.
> It isn't a good observation.  It was ubuntu 11.4 (which uses ubiquity 
> and compiz) vs FreeBSD running KDE.

The question that phoronix didn't answer was of course "faster than
what?"  If compiz is disabled (and KDE is run on 11.4), then yes it
would be a useful benchmark.  But the fact that a Linux binary can run
on FreeBSD and deliver good FPS is quite an achievement.  I believe that
is in itself very interesting.

> How about levelling the playing field before making conclusions about 
> all of Linux being slower than FreeBSD at FPS games.

Agreed.  Phoronix, as usual didn't do a great job at benchmarking.
Hence the question I had in my post.  Is the FreeBSD kernel faster at
running average linux binaries?  What about I/O bound stuff?  Linux
syscalls?  Video calls?  So yes I concede your point that the article is
worthless as far as benchmarks go, it's still very interesting that
Linux binaries (FPS even) can run so well on a foreign operating system.

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