BSD faster than Linux for 3D gaming?

Tod Hansmann at
Thu Sep 8 18:42:46 MDT 2011

On 9/8/2011 2:41 PM, Michael Torrie wrote:
> No you completely missed the point of the article.
Actually, I don't believe I missed it.  I was pointing out, perhaps 
poorly, what Paul noted: the article is an unfair statement with little 
"point" other than to brag about FreeBSD in ways that don't actually 
matter.  (I should point out my bias in that I am a gamer, which is 
largely why I have Windows on my desktop at home, and unfortunately I am 
experienced enough to care about more than just FPS when talking about 
game performance.  I imagine everyone reading this would be as well, 

I would again point out that FreeBSD's ability to put out more frames 
per second would depend on a mountain of variables both not addressed in 
the article nor comparable between the two operating systems.  This is a 
lot like when people talk about Windows performance vs Linux 
performance.  They tend to not factor in the myriad of variables that 
make it apples and oranges, and reduce performance to a number they can 
put on a chart that doesn't represent much (think how many times we have 
to tell people how system "load" is not a performance indicator, it's 
just there to give a bit of a sense of health of the overall system, so 
you know if you have to look into what's running amok.)

I may not be saying this very well, and I apologize, my thoughts are a 
bit scattered today.  That doesn't make the article any less erroneous 
in its statements just because I can't point out it's mistakes in 
language everyone else can accurately understand.  It just makes me poor 
at writing about their erroneous statements (assuming they're erroneous, 
which is my belief).


-Tod Hansmann

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