BSD faster than Linux for 3D gaming?

Henry Paul henry at
Thu Sep 8 16:57:30 MDT 2011

On 09/08/2011 02:41 PM, Michael Torrie wrote:
> No you completely missed the point of the article.  What is really
> interesting (and what hasn't really been mentioned in the comments here)
> is that the FreeBSD Linux emulation mode, combined with the FreeBSD
> nvidia binary driver, runs Linux FPS games faster than Ubuntu can.
> So if phoronix was willing to do some more research they could find out
> if a) the speedup is because the nvidia driver is faster on FreeBSD, b)
> the Linux emulation mode on FreeBSD is actually faster than the Linux
> kernel itself at running Linux code, or c) a little of both, or d) neither.
> So this isn't just a juvenile OS contest.  This is an observation that
> FreeBSD can run some *Linux* FPS games faster than Linux can.  That is
> indeed interesting and newsworthy.  Unlike Linux, Wine, and Windows
> programs, what we're talking about here is the running of native Linux
> apps on the FreeBSD kernel directly.
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FreeBSD has made some really interesting headway in recent releases with 
a completely reworked scheduler and network stack among some of the more 
impressive changes.

One of the most impressive embedded implementations I have had the 
privilege to work with is an integrated PDU with serial console 
redirection and power toggling. The company currently manufacturing them 
is Exatrol located in Orem. The newest version offers circuit current 
monitoring as well.

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