BSD faster than Linux for 3D gaming?

Tod Hansmann at
Thu Sep 8 07:32:44 MDT 2011

On 9/8/2011 6:50 AM, S. Dale Morrey wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just thought I would bring your attention to an article at phoronix,
> that claims that 3D linux gaming is faster under FreeBSD than it is
> under Linux.
Hehehe.  The concept is misleading, and probably intentionally so.  The 
first indicator is that they talk about FreeBSD compared to "Linux."  
Which flavor, and with what options, and what other processes are you 
running at the same time?

"Faster" how?  The only way it could do so is better CPU side 
performance since it's using the same libraries and everything anyway, 
and that's probably done by having a different scheduler and/or moving 
certain things from user space to kernel space, perhaps.  The GPU side 
of things would perform the same, and the memory side of things is 
optimized in code, not kernel.

Overall, "outperforming" linux in OpenGL games will boil down to 
marginal and unnoticeable differences, and could change with the next 
kernel release for either side of the comparison.  The whole article is 
just incensing argument.  "Did you know vim can outperfom emacs in code 
highlighting?"  Everyone would read that article and nobody would get 
anything useful from it, but we'd probably argue about it.  =cP

-Tod Hansmann

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