Any Willing victims?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Wed Sep 7 01:00:32 MDT 2011

Hello Everyone,

I'm nearly done with that degree I've been working on and am now
working on my final project.
But I'm going to need willing victims err test subjects to help me
verify functionality.

Here is a short synopsis of the project.
I have created a network monitoring system, that uses google app
engine as it's core server platform to help ensure scalability.
The client product uses features of the XMPP protocol and Jingle to
provide certain categories of monitoring such as host status, this
helps to reduce load on both the client and the server.

At the moment the product is able to tell you if your host is up or
down and I am in the process of creating a Nagios like macro language
with the ultimate goal of allowing the client to become a drop in
Nagios replacement.
Once that is done, service monitoring will be enabled and that will
need to tested & debugged as well..

The final version will allow host & service groups as well as a live
"speed deploy" option for new checks, thus eliminating the need to
restart daemons when you wish to change monitoring configurations.  I
also plan to allow alert acknowledgement via SMS, and email in
addition to using the web-fronted.

Basically there are a ton of features, everything Nagios currently
does is on the slate as well as lots of "ease of use" improvements as

In the meantime I need to stress test the current system and the
easiest way to do that is to get as many people as I can; downloading
and running the monitoring app, responding to alerts and providing
feedback etc.

For the record the client will run on anything that possess a JVM
during this test period, but I plan to create a .NET implementation as
well as OS native versions in the future.

If anyone is interested in helping me beat this thing up as much as
possible I would be greatly appreciative.
Please email me back for more details on how you can help.


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