[semi-OT] local stores selling computer parts

Henry Paul henry at paulfam.com
Mon Sep 5 09:40:35 MDT 2011

On 09/05/2011 07:05 AM, Dallin Jones wrote:
> They have been gone for 7 or 8 years. They were the last of the good
> local computer stores around in Utah Valley. I went I to a few other
> stores looking for a serial cable and most didn't even know what that
> was. When they finally figured it out, they told me I should switch to
> USB, because it was more "standard". I wasn't impressed with any of
> them.
> --Dallin Jones
> http://www.silverrack.com

I had the SAME experience a couple months ago trying to locate a USB 
serial port for a new legacy-free PC that was dependent upon a serial 
device that has no USB equivalent. When I finally COULD find someone 
that didn't require a diagram to even comprehend what I was talking 
about I was told, "oh those haven't been made for at least 10 years now."

I do a search at newegg.com and found several hits with different price 
ranges for exactly what I needed. Another supplier I really enjoy is 
mwave.com. They run decent deals, have competitive prices, and their 
standard ground shipping usually gets to Orem in 2 days.

So lately my strategy has been to stock a spare or two of critical parts 
so I have at least a 48-hour window in emergencies.


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