[semi-OT] local stores selling computer parts

Doran L. Barton fozz at hypermoo.com
Sun Sep 4 20:55:08 MDT 2011

On Sunday, September 04, 2011 04:58:04 PM Jima wrote:
>   I'm relatively new to the area (relocated about a month ago), and I 
> haven't yet found any local options for computer components.  No 
> Microcenter, no Fry's, and even my Google-fu isn't resulting in any 
> smaller non-chains, either.  So, for those times when you need some case 
> fans (or motherboards, or CPUs) and waiting might be a problem...is 
> there anything around here?  I'm around Murray, but driving isn't a big 
> deal.

Universal Systems (About 900 East and 3300 South) is decent, but a bit pricey. 
They're very helpful and have been a long-time sponsor of the Salt Lake Linux 
User Group.

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