Wordpress Contract Work for LaunchUp

Amjith Ramanujam amjith.r at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 09:18:55 MDT 2011


LaunchUp is looking for a Wordpress maintainer who has some backend
experience to add some features to the site/blog.

About LaunchUp:
LaunchUp is a non-profit organization that holds a monthly event to
promote entrepreneurship. http://www.launchup.org/ LaunchUp is expanding to
new areas (Las Vegas, Northern Utah, Seattle, etc) so we need more features
and flexibility with our WordPress powered site, especially ability to
setup vegas.launchup.org as it's own set of pages/blog, but with same
design, and with some pages the same.

Job Details:
We're looking for someone with experience with Multisite setup on WordPress,
configuration of the flow of the site, some ability to create some templates
for posting event announcements, and possibly some light custom plugins for
what we'd like to do.

If you are interested please contact jeremy.hanks at gmail.com. As a
non-profit, we're hoping someone will help us out at best rate possible, but
you will be compensated for your work.


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