Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Sep 1 16:41:05 MDT 2011

I know at least one Plugger has mentioned owning a Fit-PC.  After
slogging through the mess of SBC computers out there, and realizing that
most of them are just glorified 486s not supported by the modern distro
I need to run (Centos 5 or 6), I decided to try to find something
Atom-based.  The Fit-PC2 Value looks to fit the bill.  We're going to
add an intel wifi card to the thing, so my question is, does anyone on
the list have the Fit-PC2 value (very basic 1.1 GHz model) and does it
come with an wifi antenna pigtail?  Details on the Fit-PC2, even on the
manufacturers site are very slim.



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