Job: Software Developer 1 (Springville)

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Tue Oct 25 22:48:57 MDT 2011

> We don't have to blast every job offer that comes across this list. If
> you don't like it, don't apply. But don't presume to know what's best
> for everyone on the list.
> Some of us had to learn everything on our own when starting; I would
> have *loved* that exposure as a student preparing to graduate. As a
> bonus, it pays much better than most on-campus jobs.
> Finally, have some confidence in the job market. It will make
> adjustments if needed.
> Gabe

You know, looks like you are right.  This might be a good opportunity
for someone in college with no prior experience except maybe at the
hobbiest level.  Didn't really think about it that way.  Thanks for
throwing water on my flame-fest.  :)

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