comcast and kbyu

Henry Paul henry at
Wed Oct 19 09:16:39 MDT 2011

On 10/19/2011 08:24 AM, Merrill Oveson wrote:
> Plug:
> I'm a Comcast analog subscriber.  I get channels 2 thru 25 essentially.
> A month or two ago, I noticed that channel 11 went off the air.  I
> recently called to have them fix it.
> I thought it was some kind of glitch.  It wasn't.  Channel 11, I was
> told, was now only broadcast digitally.
> I was told that KBYU had decided to drop the analog broadcast and only
> broadcast in digital and if I wanted
> KBYU I would have to upgrade my service with them.  I said, "This
> sounds unbelievable, KBYU is a public service station,
> why would they cut off their analog service.  I know there are homes
> in my neighborhood just use regular old fashioned TV
> and still get KBYU."  No I was wrong, I was told.  It wasn't Comcast's
> fault.  The fault was solely that of KBYU for
> deciding to switch to digital and not provide any analog service.

You can watch digital TV over the air on an analog TV if you get a 
Digital-to-Analog converter box. Several places carry them such as 
Radioshack and Wal-mart for about $50 IIRC. My parents and I used them 
when the conversion to DTV finally happened before I could afford an HD 

With a decent antenna you can get a pretty decent list of local channels 
for free. I have a 20 year old antenna on my roof that is falling apart 
and it still works fine for the local digital channels. There are 
antennae made that are supposedly designed specifically for DTV signals 
that are about 1ft^2 in size and cost about $20.

For my personal viewing I use off the air TV and a Netflix streaming 
account. I get a much better selection of programs that way than any 
basic satellite or cable package can offer.


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