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Merrill Oveson moveson at
Wed Oct 19 08:24:10 MDT 2011


I'm a Comcast analog subscriber.  I get channels 2 thru 25 essentially.
A month or two ago, I noticed that channel 11 went off the air.  I
recently called to have them fix it.
I thought it was some kind of glitch.  It wasn't.  Channel 11, I was
told, was now only broadcast digitally.
I was told that KBYU had decided to drop the analog broadcast and only
broadcast in digital and if I wanted
KBYU I would have to upgrade my service with them.  I said, "This
sounds unbelievable, KBYU is a public service station,
why would they cut off their analog service.  I know there are homes
in my neighborhood just use regular old fashioned TV
and still get KBYU."  No I was wrong, I was told.  It wasn't Comcast's
fault.  The fault was solely that of KBYU for
deciding to switch to digital and not provide any analog service.

So I contacted KBYU and asked about this issue.  Here is their response:

Dear Merrill,

One of BYU Broadcasting’s top priorities this year has been to make
all content available in High Definition. We are proud to announce
that on Aug. 2, KBYU Eleven joined BYUtv in being broadcast in HD on
Comcast Cable in Utah. From now on, Eleven will be available in HD on
Comcast channel 646 as well through free over-the-air broadcast.
Eleven will also continue to be available in standard definition on
Comcast channel 11 to digital cable subscribers.

However, Comcast has recently chosen to convert channel 11 from an
analog and digital service to a digital only service. While we are
pleased to have KBYU available in HD to those watching us through
Comcast Cable, we share our viewer’s disappointment that Comcast has
discontinued offering KBYU, channel 11, as part of its analog service.

Subscribers to Comcast’s analog service in Utah who wish to continue
watching KBYU Eleven have several options - converting to a Comcast
digital subscription, watching KBYU over-the-air, or selecting another
cable or satellite provider. Viewers should be aware that current
Federal Communications Commission regulations do not require cable
providers to offer an analog service beyond February 2012.

Digital technology offers viewers many new choices and services, but
we recognize it has also presented some challenges. We encourage
viewers who subscribe to a cable or satellite service to speak
directly with their provider regarding their questions and concerns

Comcast lied to me.  I'm thinking of getting rid of them entirely, I
use them for cable and internet.  Suggestions for alternate providers?


BTW: I'd also like to see a news story about this.


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