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Thu Oct 6 22:00:52 MDT 2011

I usually use harware raid 5 presented as a single logical volume.  I 
add a /boot partition and then use the rest in a LVM.

On 10/6/11 8:38 PM, Tod Hansmann wrote:
> On 10/6/2011 1:55 PM, Aaron Toponce wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct 06, 2011 at 09:51:47AM -0400, Francisco Diaz wrote:
>>> I have a question for those using Linux (more in particular RHEL or CentOS)
>>> in production environments: what is, based on your experience or
>>> conversations with other sys admins, the most popular, favorite, reliable,
>>> or what ever you want to call it, configuration/selection of FS(ext3/4,xfs,
>>> reiserFS, etc) and hard drive config (partitions, raidX, LVM, JBOD, etc) for
>>> a production system?
>>> I know that maybe the answer will depend on what apps you have in the server
>>> (DB, File Server, Mail, WebApps, etc), but in general, what is the most
>>> common scenario in production regarding to FS and HD config?
>> Unless I'm setting up something that has specific write/read performance
>> requirements, I setup ext4 on LVM on RAID5. I never use XFS on LVM, because
>> you can't shrink XFS filesystems. I would never put production on ReiserFS,
>> mostly because there is no future with it.
> Beware of current ext4 setups for large arrays, mind you.  You can NOT
> get bigger than 16TB with current tools, and they've been "heavily
> working on that" for 2 years now.  Just FYI.
> In most of my setups I tend to use RAID6 or RAID1 (RAID1 usually on md
> with whatever server, RAID6 on the storage servers).  I'm no storage
> nerd, but I like RAID6.  btrfs is getting fun, but is still repeatedly
> slow in many scenarios and I haven't looked into why, so maybe do some
> research if you're going to jump into that boat this juncture.
> Eventually it WILL be the FS of choice, I'm sure.
> Separate boot partition, everything else in / and built on top of LVM.
> Backup boot somewhere else.  Done.  Swap, of course, I guess.
> I get the feeling it's not an exact science with me.  Probably because
> it's more situational than anything, but that's my starting philosophy.
> -Tod Hansmann
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