Meeting for October (Wednesday, Oct. 12, 7:30pm)

Steve Meyers steve-plug at
Thu Oct 6 16:29:20 MDT 2011

I told Ryan I'd be willing to start setting up meetings.  It's a bit 
more of a pain than I'd hoped, so I feel his pain. :)  I've arranged for 
a location, at least temporarily.  It's probably not big enough for long 
term use, but we'll be at the Lindon C7 data center (Canopy Building 5, 
behind Home Depot).

C7 Data Centers will be providing pizza for this meeting, and will do 
tours afterward for anyone interested.

What we don't have yet is a presenter.  I've reached out to a couple 
people, but no luck so far.  I can give a presentation on MySQL forks 
that I gave a couple months ago at UPHPU, but I don't think that's an 
ideal topic for PLUG.  I'd personally love to see a presentation on LXC.

Does anyone have a presentation they could give on short notice?  Or any 
other ideas for what you'd like to see?  I'll try to schedule them out a 
little more in advance for the future.


Steve Meyers

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