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Thu Oct 6 08:38:37 MDT 2011

On Thursday, October 06, 2011 07:51:47 AM Francisco Diaz wrote:
> I have a question for those using Linux (more in particular RHEL or CentOS)
> in production environments: what is, based on your experience or
> conversations with other sys admins, the most popular, favorite, reliable,
> or what ever you want to call it, configuration/selection of FS(ext3/4,xfs,
> reiserFS, etc) and hard drive config (partitions, raidX, LVM, JBOD, etc)
> for a production system?
> I know that maybe the answer will depend on what apps you have in the
> server (DB, File Server, Mail, WebApps, etc), but in general, what is the
> most common scenario in production regarding to FS and HD config?

It varies depending on what the server will be doing. For a standard server, I 
usually do software RAID1 across two drives and format partitions ext3 (or 
ext4, if it's supported).

For servers that are dealing with large amounts of data, I'll use software 
RAID5 (across 3+ drives) with LVM partitions (which make it easy to grow 
later), and XFS filesystems, althought ext4 would probably now be an option 
for most of the cases where I've used XFS in the past. 

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