max connections on WRT54G running Tomato

Wade Preston Shearer wadeshearer.lists at
Wed Oct 5 20:55:45 MDT 2011

On 5 Oct 2011, at 20:53, Andy Bradford wrote:

> Thus said Wade Preston Shearer on Wed, 05 Oct 2011 20:35:44 MDT:
>> On the Conntrack/Netfilter tab under  Advanced, there is a setting for
>> Maximum  Connections. It  is  set  to 4096.  According  to the  Tomato
>> documentation, this  is the  default. Does this  really mean  that the
>> router should be able to handle 4096 wireless devices connected at the
>> same time?
> If I had to guess I would say that this means it can handle 4096 entries
> in  it's state  table  (for  the firewall),  and  not necessarily,  4096
> wireless peers.

Any ideas on how to determine how many peers/clients it can handle?

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