max connections on WRT54G running Tomato

Wade Preston Shearer wadeshearer.lists at
Wed Oct 5 20:35:44 MDT 2011

I have been asked to look into why only six people have been able to connect to a wireless router. It is a WRT54G running the Tomato firmware. I did not set the router up. On the Conntrack/Netfilter tab under Advanced, there is a setting for Maximum Connections. It is set to 4096. According to the Tomato documentation, this is the default. Does this really mean that the router should be able to handle 4096 wireless devices connected at the same time? That seems crazy high. Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station can only handle 50 concurrent connections. I would have thought that it might be determined by how many IPs it can hand out. I've read on some forums that the WRT54G supports ~250 connections. Can anyone help?

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