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Fri Nov 18 13:27:54 MST 2011

Forgive the top post.  Blame the phone.

I know Dell is a four letter word, but my Latitude has survived graduate school, travel to astronomy conferences, traveling for Guru Labs, traveling to teach physics courses at Weber, and back and forth between several other jobs. It's still ticking. 

Work gave me a new laptop recently and I chose another Dell Latitude and I'm happy with it.  I'll be happy to swing by and show it to you when I'm back in town, if you are interested.

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From: "Stuart Jansen" <sjansen at>
Date: Fri, Nov 18, 2011 12:45 pm
Subject: Impossible Laptop
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My T61p is starting to show its age, but I'm having a hard time finding
a replacement. Is it simply not possible to find a great laptop anymore?

I'm looking for:
  - Matte screen
  - More than 1080 vertical pixels
  - A keyboard that doesn't suck
  - Good Linux compatiblity
  - High quality construction
    (able to withstand constant travel)

I'm willing to pay for quality, but it seems that most laptops today
are either crappy toys, crippled by sucky screens, or Macs.

Help me, Plug, you're my only hope!

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