PLUG Server Moving Tomorrow

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Fri Nov 18 14:33:06 MST 2011

The PLUG server will be moving tomorrow afternoon. Downtime will be 3-5 hours
unless I run in to issues.


The C7 Orem facility (old Tier4 datacenter in the Canyon Park Tech Center) is
shutting down at the end of the month. We will be moving to the Bluffdale
facility (old Linux Networx building).

C7 has been very gracious and has formalized hosting PLUG with a regular
customer contract, etc. We had been using some shared space in a utility rack
with nothing really formal in place. We will now be in regular rack space with
a 10Mbps unmetered link. They are giving us 3u of space. Huge thanks to C7 for
being willing to support the community. You guys are great!

Jason Hall, Steve Meyers, and myself will be the guys with physical access to
the server. Doran also has root on the box. If someone out there would like to
do something FOSS related on the server we do have space for you. Contact
Steve or I and we can make arrangements. We can also do secondary DNS for your
personal domains, etc.


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