Whats wrong with AWS & other cloud tech?

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Agreed.  I think that is the biggest problem, that companies think they can do the same things they have always done and get the benefit of the cloud.  And that isn't really the case.  If they don't look at the application from a "cloud" perspective all they gain is per hour pricing, which sometimes is enough for some businesses.

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> You made a comment about the outage in April.  I know that we have taken it very >seriously and have identified and implemented things to prevent similar things from >happening.  It was a all hands on deck situation. On the side, I manage a friends site and >even though he was affected and a single instance user (the site doesn't get enough traffic >to justify anything else, yet), I was able to take a snapshot of the instance and launch in a >different AZ and get him back up after a few hours even though the main instance that was >affected was stuck for the whole duration of the outage.

On the other hand I had a client lose an entire site during the
outage.  He was in a single AZ, his data was stored on an EBS volume
and that volume somehow became non-recoverable even after the outage
was over.  Thankfully his weekly backup had run a few days before and
we were able to move his data to a shared host temporarily and restore
when things were worked out.

Still I agree if you design it with a different mindset you can
quickly make highly survivable infrastructure, but in my own opinion
it does require a completely different mindset.

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